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We are an outreach group of graduate students mostly in the MIT astrophysics division, founded by MLK visiting scholar Dr. Duane M. Lee, who want to share the Universe with you. We take telescopes around the Cambridge/Boston area to show the cosmos to the public. We have phone mounts for our telescopes so you can take your own photos home with you, and we also have a solar telescope for daytime viewing! Come to one of our free, public events to gaze into the skies and speak directly to astrophysics experts!

We typically will go out on Tuesday-Thursday, and try to go observing once a week, if skies are clear. Our twitter will update on scheduled observing days confirming or canceling due to bad weather or clouds. If you are interested, please follow our social media accounts and check our schedule for upcoming observations. To sign up for our mailing list, add your e-mail address here.

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The Moon, from the 10" telescope
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The Sun (in false color) displaying a prominence
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The Orion Nebula
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Our first test of the 10" telescope